With extensive knowledge and experience, we are in full control of our watch manufacturing process.

Each and every component suppliers are audited or pre-approved by our staff in Hong Kong. Internationally accredited third party auditors are brought in to provide expertise and ensure they are socially compliant and do not violate any ethical standards.

And by working closely with our affiliated factories in Switzerland and China, constantly upgrading our technical know-how, investing in the latest technology & innovations, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with high quality, reliable and superior products at competitive prices.

In the latest addition, we excited to announce the setup of dust free – controlled environment assembly and quality testing workshop right here in Hong Kong. Equipped with a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, utilizing state-of- the-art equipments such as dust free workstations and semi-automatic hand assembly machine, we are ready to take on watch production in Hong Kong-China to a whole new level of quality and reliability.

We are proud and ready to serve you with our mastery of utilizing different type of materials such as Stainless Steel, Plastics, Acetates, Eco-Friendly Brass and even diamond and precious stone setting on case and dial. Professional graders are hired to divide and sort the stones into different grades by colour, clarity, and size. Stone setting with a microscope enhances the inlay precision and highlights the brightness of the stones.

All our products are compliant with REACH, Rohs, Nickel and Lead Free content.



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