Quality With Maximum of Efficiency

Greenland Watch Limited is believed to be one of the most advanced watch assembly lines in South East Asia. With the combination of robot, manual workforce and automated processes in our production, we maximise efficiency in our production and quality in our timepiece. Working intensively with our partners in Switzerland and China, we have developed a brand new process of incoming quality procedures for our components and watch assembling line.

Component Suppliers

Suppliers tend to be forgotten by others, but in Greenland Watch, we value the long- term relationships with our suppliers, yet always challenges them for more. We expect nothing but quality, fast delivery time and equitable prices from them. Watch is made with numerous components and each unit are indispensable to the timepiece itself. Likewise, we always consider our component suppliers as part of our valuable assets. With our mutual respects and trusts over the years, we have evolved and expanded to the Greenland Watch today.

Work Capacity

Our factory in Hong Kong and partners in China are capable of delivering 100 pieces per order to 250, 000 pieces a month.


In Greenland Watch, quality does not only refer to the final quality inspection phase. Our success lies on every stage of watch manufacturing, from design, prototyping to assembly, our team focuses progressively on quality control and assurance. We guarantee each timepiece made by us are delivered with quality and reliability.

We value accuracy, functionality, reliability and aesthetic in our watch production.

Each and every timepiece is put through a series of stringent testing and quality checks by our staffs before dispatching from our manufacturing facilities and deliver to the hands of our clients.